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Flounders' Meetup - GridAKL 4 March 2015

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It's 2015! Time to get going and build the most amazing companies we can.

Our next meetup will be at GridAKL on Wednesday 4 March at 6pm, and we're delighted to be sponsored by Pagemap.

We're going to be talking about pricing and revenue models, and our short talks will be from Campbell Yule from Cadimage,  Dale Clareburt from Weirdly, and Vaughan Rowsell from Vend.

This meetup is for founders who are currently working on growing an early-stage business. We want everyone to be able to contribute from their personal experience, and we'll expect everyone to talk about what they're working on at future meetups.

Tickets are $20 (including food and drink) and are strictly limited. Book now!