Flounders Club formed in Auckland in 2012. It’s a group of founders with startups at various stages who get together for dinner once a month to talk about what we’re working on.  We found the dinners were a great environment for bouncing ideas off one another, discussing challenges the companies were facing, sharing solutions or new perspectives, and helping us all feel less isolated.

Unfortunately most of the Flounders can only fit about ten people in our lounges, and we think it’s great to hear from more people.  We keep meeting fantastic individuals creating the next generation of innovative kiwi businesses, and we really want them to get to know one another.

So we’re going to experiment with holding meet ups and other events for like-minded founders to get together.  Our hope is that other Flounder dinners will start as founders get to know each other better, and that in time we'll strengthen the network for entrepreneurs throughout New Zealand.

The Flounders represent a diverse range of early-stage and high growth companies, including Vend, Pocketsmith, Letterboxd, Koordinates, Wiki NZ, My Tours, Company Box, Verifi, Revert, Lil Regie, PledgeMe, Optimal Workshop, Umajin, Sense Medical, Spotlight Reporting, Garage Project and more.  

Is "Flounder" a typo?

Not at all. Founding something is never a smooth ride, and when we get together we're honest about the areas we are 'floundering' in and believe that by sharing them and getting help from others we solve our problems faster.

What does the Latin mean?

"Pivot or Die!".  Sort of. Probably not according to genuine Latin scholars.