Welcome to the Flounders' Club, a collection of founders from early-stage and high growth New Zealand companies.

Brad Feld argues that to build a vibrant start-up ecosystem, you just need to start: 

Just do stuff. It’s kind of that simple. It’s literally entrepreneurs just starting to do things. If you’re in a city where there’s no clear startup community, the goal is not raise a bunch of money to fund a nonprofit, the goal is not get your government involved. The goal is start finding the other entrepreneurial leaders who are committed to being in your city over the next 20 years. Then, as a group, get very focused on knowing each other, working together, being inclusive of anyone else who wants to engage, doing things that help recruit people to that geography, and doing selfish stuff for your company that also drives your startup community.”  

We’ve been working together under that basic idea for the last couple of years, and we want to meet other founders who feel the same way.

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